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Wireless RF impedence

Hey all!

Happy friday! I have a general question about technology. Lemme break down what I am trying to accomplish so you have some back ground.

I am looking at doing a Site Survey which requires testing signal with the AP's about 20 feet in the air. I was thinking about acquiring a telescopic or somehow extendable pole that will allow me to get that sucker up that high.

When I'm looking at a pole that length, or really any pole to be honest, they're made of aluminum. What I am wondering is this pole going to impede with wireless signal comin' out of the AP?

Thanks in advance! Have a great weekend!
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Re: Wireless RF impedence

Please see the setup here:

Yes it is a Cisco access point that the survey is being done with, the same principle should apply for all.

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Re: Wireless RF impedence

That's a great start. Thanks a lot, man.

Wireless RF impedence


If you can mount the standard AP125 mounting bracket to an "L" bracket that connects to the painters stick then you have an easily attached/detached rig.

I can loan you a painting stick I have used for these type of activities in the past if you want btw ;)
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Re: Wireless RF impedence

The question is, Jason....just how big is your pole?