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antenna Cable loss

Hi all,

what is the cable loss of antenna cables that come with Aruba antennas

thanks in advance
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Re: antenna Cable loss

Just a thought, the cable should be marked as to type. The cable type loss can be found by a quick search.

some losses:
RG-58U (solid center) with foam dielectric is 0.57dB/meter
RG-58C/U (stranded center) with foam dielectric is 0.90dB/meter.
RG-58A/U (solid center) with polyethylene dielectric is 1.5dB/meter.
Loss is higher at higher freqs as I recall, so these were at 802.11g band. "A" would be more.

As a rule of thumb, the cable must be kept as short as possible. In other words, move the AP to the antenna before the cable to the AP. With long cable runs you could add an amplifier, but you start chasing a dead horse. I have had runs of 20 feet with a good directional antenna with suitable signal at 2500ft. Your distances may vary.

Also 3db loss = power/2

Re: antenna Cable loss

The gain of the Aruba antennas includes the leads. So if you bought an 8dBi patch antenna that had a 12 or 18 inch lead on it, that 8dBi rating includes the lead. There's no need to subtract the loss of the pigtail from the antenna. The loss calculations for any additional LMR, lighting arrestors, and connectors do apply however. Hope that helps!

Edit: Here are a couple links I use when calculating LMR loss when doing outdoor planning when long LMR runs have to be used
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