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Re: Google Expeditions

I got it working!  I created a fresh VAP and SSID profile.  The settings are basically identical to what I was testing with, so I'm not sure why this one is working.  In any case, I'm still curious to see what other folks' configs look like.  Here's mine...




wlan virtual-ap "Expeditions-vap_prof"
   aaa-profile "Expeditions-aaa_prof"
   ssid-profile "Expeditions-ssid_prof"
   vlan 106
   dynamic-mcast-optimization-thresh 80
   broadcast-filter arp

I created airgroup service for google expeditions (I disallow it on VLAN 1):

airgroupservice "expeditions"
  id "_googexpeditions._tcp"
  disallow-vlan "1"
  description "Google Expeditions"
  autoassociate "apgroup"

I made sure airgroup is allowed on vlan 106:



airgroup vlan 106 allow

Here is my VLAN config:



interface vlan 106
    ip address
    no suppress-arp
    operstate up

Here is my SSID profile:

wlan ssid-profile "Expeditions-ssid_prof"
   essid "Expeditions"
   opmode wpa2-psk-aes
   wpa-passphrase ***************

My aaa and user-role configs:

aaa profile "Expeditions-aaa_prof"
   initial-role "authenticated"
   authentication-dot1x "default"
user-role authenticated
 access-list session global-sacl
 access-list session apprf-authenticated-sacl
 access-list session ra-guard
 access-list session allowall
 access-list session v6-allowall

Happy exploring!