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Re: Google Expeditions

Thanks for the reply, David.  We don't use ClearPass, so our "AirGroup CPPM enforce registration" knob is set to Disabled.  Also note that I've noticed problems when the "AirGroup location discovery" knob is set to Enabled.  I set "AirGroup location discovery" to Disabled and it works better.  For the service policy (Configuration > Advanced Services > AirGroup > Services > expeditions) I have found that setting "Auto Associate" to "AP-Group" works better than using "AirGroup location discovery".


One very unfortunate thing I've found about getting Google Expeditions working on Aruba (without ClearPass) is that I need a separate VAP / SSID specifically just for Expeditions to work.  The reason being that I had to uncheck "Drop Broadcast and Unknown Multicast" in order for it to work.  I don't want to do that on our main network for obvious reasons.  I'd really like to get Google Expeditions working on our main network instead of having this separate VAP / SSID, but it really wants to throw a ton of unknown multicast / broadcast traffic around.