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Re: Google Expeditions

Update: I'm preparing to make a ticket with Aruba TAC about Google Expeditions. Currently, I can only get Expeditions working correctly when "broadcast-filter all" (or, "Drop Broadcast and Unknown Multicast" in the GUI) is disabled on the VAP profile. For the longest time, Expeditions worked fine with "broadcast-filter all" enabled on the VAP, as long as AirGroup was allowed for the VLAN [and the "_googexpeditions._tcp" mDNS string was configured in AirGroup]. This school year, Expeditions clients (i.e. students) are unable to see Expeditions servers (i.e. teachers) in their VLAN. When I disable "broadcast-filter all" on the VAP profile, it works fine. I cannot leave "broadcast-filter all" disabled since there are literally thousands of devices in a school connected to that VAP, and that setting is preventing performance problems, so my temporary solution is I made a separate VAP for Expeditions traffic, and just blocked internet access on that VLAN [so people don't stay connected to it indefinitely].