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Re: Regular complaints of getting disconnected coming in from students

I have been going over what is going on here and making a time line of all changes upgrades and etc that have gone on. We upgraded our Aruba controller's from to back in April of this year. We wanted to start to take advantage of Airgroups. Well it wasn't but a week in to the semester when we started getting a few reports of drops and as the semester is going on we have gotten much more. Now we have upgraded a few more since then to the current code. I see that there are reports on the 6.4 code as well but has any one heard or seen this dropping issue occured in the previous 6.2 and back versions? I have put this to my Ticket and Sales engineer as well but I thought I'd also put this out there to see if it indeed is a pattern. Or is maybe something to do with Airgroups. I've speculated about disabling that as well. 


Ron Gilmore

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