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Re: Regular complaints of getting disconnected coming in from students

Hi Aaron,


Like everyone else has mentioned on the forums, you are not alone.  We've also noted isolated instances where this appears to be occuring @ Drexel.  


We were first alerted to the situation w/ a campus in Sacramento, CA.  The report focused on the specific issue of iPads being disconnected & searching for wifi & then re-connecting; never explicitly needing to re-authenticate, but interrupting flows while it scans & re-associates w/ the wifi network.  We disabled Client Match for the profile in use there and have not heard of any major complaints since then; which reminds me that I need to follow up.  


I've also heard scattered reports from various individuals around campus; not a lot, less than 5 - 7.  However, for those that occur in a specific location / building, we can also disable Client Match on the AP Group Profile, should the need arrise.  


We're running AOS 6.3.5 & the release notes for 6.3.7 state that they've added an Client Match config parameter to help lessen its aggressiveness.  Hopefully, upgrading to the latest stable release will help alleviate any issues.  


Since not that many users complain, we aren't turning off Client Match campus wide just yet.  For those that do, I've been disabling Client Match on individual machines w/ a command Gallagher provided me.


add ap arm client-match unsupported <mac>

 After doing so I've tried to maintain an eye on the client in Airwave & have ask them to follow up if they notice any significant change.  


Possibly related to this whole mess is wifi issues w/ Mac OS X Yosemite; not sure how much of your client base is Mac OS X & what percentage of them have upgraded.  See this PC World article.   I just added a 10.10 user to the client-match unsupported list and did not immediately observe any noticable change in their Association History via Airwave.  I've asked the user to comment & they did note that the issue appeared to still occur; in which case, I'm assuming its OS based.  


BTW, after disabling Client Match in Sacramento, we DID observe a substantial decrease in the number of association history entires; which makes sense being that they're no longer being steered.  More importantly, the complains have seemed to have subsided.  


I'm using the client-match unsupported to try and handle those that bring up issues about constant disconnections.   If they're running Mac OS X 10.10 & they constantly get disconnected, then disabling Client Match will hopefully improve the situation; but if it doesn't, then the issue might be w/ the OS.  If the complaining machine is a non Mac OS computer, then if disconnections lessen, it only lets us know that Client Match has been set too aggressively.