Re: AP-225

Just a few thoughts


1) I agree that 5 GHz is becoming very widespread

2) However, 2.4 still needs to be treated appropriately

  • Number of client drivers still do not behave well with band steering and do not necessarily select 5 GHz
  • 2.4 should be deployed with the power set 5- 8 dB less than 5 GHz radio in the same chassis
  • the extra chains make the link more robust due to diversity benefits
  • If you get a DFS event the 2.4 needs to be properly tuned to preseve your customer experience.
  • 2.4 should generally be left on to ensure anyone connected to 2.4 is on the nearest AP and getting a decent user experience
  • Turn off your b rates and even a couple of the low gn rates. This reduces the beacon time consumption and improves 2.4 performance.

So even if the 2.4 band performance is less than 5 GHz it is still 60 MHz of spectrum that you have access to and, deployed properly, adds value to your end customers.


If PoE is a constraint, then as someone mentioned AP-215 is a great option outside of higher density areas.