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AP's losing config and becoming non-broadcasting potatoes....

Ok gang, riddle me this,


I have several access points (mostly AP93s but one or two AP105s) that have recently started just losing their configs and just sit there doing nothing. They stay on the network as I statically assign their LAN IPs. My main monitoring software does not  register them as down because it can still ping their addresses but they are truly down as they have stopped communicating with the controllers, stopped broadcasting and they just hang there like potatoes with Ethernet cables jacked into them. The only way I have found to correct the situation is to manually take the APs down, serial into them and factory rest them and them put them back up and then re-configure them. They seem to be okay for anywhere from a week to as long as three weeks and then they do it again.


Has anyone experienced this or something similar? I am considering opening a case with TAC but wanted to see if anyone had any insight before I did.


Thanks gang!

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