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Re: AP's losing config and becoming non-broadcasting potatoes....

I had this exact issue with an AP-65 last week.  The AP was showing up on the controller and in Airwave but was showing zero clients connected to it (see screenshot).  When I sent the apboot ap-name command from the controller the AP would stay up and not reboot.  I manually rebooted the ap by killing the switchport and the AP came back up and started working as it should.  That only lasted a day or two so I replaced the AP with a known good AP and it had been working fine ever since.


I only discovered this issue because a student in a dorm room complained that his signal strength suddenly got worse.  I am wondering if this is happening with other APs across Campus.  Does anyone know of a way to check this other than looking for APs with zero clients?


I am running on 72xx controllers with a mix of AP-65, 70, 85, 93H, 105, 115, and 225.


Phillip Kluttz
Network Engineer University of North Carolina at Greensboro