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Re: AP's losing config and becoming non-broadcasting potatoes....

@americanmcneil wrote:

That is essentially what is going on with some of mine with one exception, reboots will not bring them back up. Like I said earlier, I have to fully factory reset them. very odd. Someone asked what version I am running on my controllers - is what I am running on all of mine. Also, this is not restricted to a single controller. I have it happening on a few at out North Campus on a 3600US controller and a few at our main Downtown Campus on a 7210US controller.




Please upgrade from when you can.  There are plenty issues fixed with and beyond.  


In addition, very few users actually deploy static ip addresses, but when you do, you can run the serious risk of assigning a device that already has that ip address, or a device TAKES the ip address of an existing access point and it will function like you said.  Aruba APs were designed primarily to have dynamic ip addresses because it is such a chore to maintain static ip addresses.  They are normally monitored using an NMS that polls the controller to get up to date information about the devices like ip addressing.  You have only given us limited information about your issue, so it is hard to say what is happening, but the initial step of upgrading your ArubaOS could definitely help other problems.

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