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Smart Phone Issues = Where is my Prozac!

So as some of you may have been reading here on the Higher Education boards, I am trying to twerk out my WIFI, get this right, make people happy and set the universe into balance for our environment. That being said I have been testing on a single building and have set the recommendations up as per a PDF that was linked to me in another thread.


Things seem to be good for Laptops/notebooks and tablets. Smart phones though (iPhone/Android) now have issues. Those issues being that they get nowhere on the wireless. Like that great kids toy from the '70s, they just Sit'n'Spin and never go anywhere.


I have:

- verified DHCP and all address/DNS information is correct on the devices

- tried statically assigning a smart phone, no difference

- verified that the devices are getting on the correct VLAN for their ROLE (this is a dot1x secure environment)

- verified that their authentication via ClearPass is correct and users are authenticating properly

- confirmed that Darth Vader is indeed Luke's father

- verified the quality of the physical wireless connections

      - no ton of retransmits or anything of that nature

      - SNR looks good

- have tested in multiple locations throughout the building and confirmed that its not happening on just a single AP (environment is a mix of AP93s, 105s and 225s)


So I could use some help here gang on what/where to troubleshoot next...

Scott McNeil - Sr. Network & Security Engineer, Global Process Automation