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Re: Smart Phone Issues = Where is my Prozac!

@ Ryan - and away we go.......


Associated? - Yes
802.1X auth successful? - Yes
AES key exchange complete? - Yes
Does client send DHCPDISCOVER? - Yes
Does DHCP server receive discover? - Yes
Does dhcp server send offer? - Yes
Does client receive offer? - Yes
Client have address? - Yes
Client have default gateway ip? - Yes
ARP entry on client for router? - Yes
ARP entry on router for client? - will get with our Palo Alto admin
Can client ping default gateway IP? - Yes
DNS servers on client? - Yes
Can client ping DNS servers? - Yes


I found a great little tool pack on the Google Play store called, amazingly enough, PING Tools. It shows all for your Androids WIFI IP info and will also PING and run trace routes, port scans and four or five other utilities. It is also very easy to use.


Anyway, I can ping the:

- gateway

- both DNS servers

- the DHCP server


and then the weirdness starts:

- cannot ping Google BUT it does resolve its address

- trace route stops at the gateway

- cannot get to any website on the WIFI


So yes, its looking like a possible Palo Alto issue BUT laptops and iPads (don't know about Android tabs, don't have one to test with) do not have a problem, they get out to the Universe just fine...


Oh, it's also worth mentioning that my laptop, my iPad and my Android all get the same role via ClearPass, laptop & iPad work fine, smart phone has the issues (like many other iPhones and Androids on campus)

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