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SSID with Both MAC auth and 802.1x in ClearPass

How do you configure an SSID with both MAC auth and 802.1x against the same clearpass service?


Currently i have 2 SSID.


1NSU (802.1X  against AD)

NSU (Mac auth for non-802.1x devices)


Before winter Term I was planning to try to Merge the MAC auth into 1NSU so in campus we only have 1 SSID for those devices beside Guest.


1. Do you try to do Mac Auth first then if it fail then do 802.1x auth?


So wireless printer will connect to the 1NSU do Mac Auth obtain the role Printer. Then A student will connect to 1NSU Fail Mac auth then do 802.1x auth and obtain the role NSUStudents.


Would it make sense? Or is better to keep it separate as i have now for easy of troubleshooting and management?


Thank you