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Re: Mobility 8.0 migration

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I am migrating from 6.x to a new 8.x environment.This will be a manual migration, I want to learn the interface and more SE's have recommended manual over using the migration tool. That said i don't want to enter every group/profile/policy in the gui.



I have two MM's and two MC's. If enable config on  one of the MC's and config from the cli will i hose the enviroment?

You can configure the MM on the commandline if you navigate to the proper folder and do a "config t".  So you can copy and paste what you have on your existing 6.x configuration to your MM.  This will work best for certain constructs more than others.


All configuration is done on the MM.  No configuration is done on the MDs (controllers), so there is no chance that configuration on the MDs will "hose" the configuration.  There is a "disaster recovery mode" that you can enable on the MDs in an emergency, but as soon as it gets connected back to the MM, it will revert to (sync) what the MM has on it.  The disaster recovery mode is used mainly to establish connectivity back to the MM and re-sync the config.


Have you seen the ArubaOS 8 fundamentals guide here?



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