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Re: Broadcast Multicast ( BCMC ) Bonjour Problem

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You would need to run a Airgroup-Enabled version of ArubaOS (6.3.x and above) so that you can have drop broadcasts on, but still use bonjour applications.  Your VLANs are too large and have wired clients, so you have no choice but to have drop broadcasts, or VLAN BCMC optimization on, because broadcasts would degrade your wireless network otherwise.


I would wait for, which should be coming out soon with some fixes.

I am working with another organization that simply does not understand this at all.... They are a large mac location with over  2500 wired and wireless devices all on a single subnet (that also includes all of their management stuff as well) and they keep complaining about connectivity issues, but just blame the hardware... It really does drive me crazy...

"It works on wired just fine"....


Bingo - therefor it must be the wiress network....  I just tell them to replace all their switches with hubs and then get back to me ;)