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Re: Broadcast Multicast ( BCMC ) Bonjour Problem

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I'm glad you are acknowledging how large broadcast domains are bad regardless of vendor. I agree. There seems to be a philosophy manifesting inside Aruba that one (or more) large subnets be used for clients and to just let the controller filter things out.

To be clear, large subnets work just fine on wireless if you have broadcast controls in place.  You cannot however expect to not have broadcast filtering in place and have the same performance.  If bonjour applications are required, you run Airgroup.

I think large wireless only subnets are OK, the main issue seems to be related to subnets that span wired and wireless devices - then you start having some issues when you dont do something with your broadcasts.  I have seen wifi networks where 60% of the traffic was broadcasts because of this configuration...  And the admins still had no idea why this was happening....


It is a frustrating issue, that is easily corrected, and in my opinion manageable subnets just make things easier for everything.