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Re: Clearpass Problem

1. Already connected to onboard ssid,but no landing page (onboard page ) appear.Sometime it can be direct but sometime failed to direct to right landing page.


Troy: Are you seeing this on one type of device or on all types (IOS, Windows, MAC, ETC) If its IOS are you using the CNA bypass?


Wan: Effect at laptop (windows & mac),mobile device don't have a problem


2. User need to do the onboard authentication step 2 time (first time failed),after do the second time,the user can connected to the internet.


Troy: Is this a constant issue or just once in a while? What is the processor load on the system? Is this production or lab?


Wan: Sometime,I mean from 10 device it will effect 7-8 device,load of cppm server is CPU: 4% and Mem Util: 26%.Production enviroment.Whole campus.


3. Error to the radius.Here I attach the error at our place.


Troy: Are the users local or remote. What is the ping between the device and CPPM.  Also what is access tracker showing when the user auths?


Wan: It local user. We not allow our user ping our server.So we cannot ping when the user already connected.Error at the access tracker show "bind as user failed"


Hope I answer some of your question.