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Re: PS3 dropping off the network

This is the response from TAC and disabling the ARM OTA updates does solve our problem:


"The PS3 (CL917784871-CECH-L01) that we have been working with falls under first generation and its version(s) are CECH-LXX, CECH-KXX and CECH-MXX. WLAN NIC in older PS3s(First Generation) do not handle OTA frames which will be "unrecognized frames" correctly.


Ideally, the PS3 should IGNORE these frames and carry on, but it results in connection drop.


As it’s a client inability at this point to handle such frames, we have successfully worked around this issue by disabling OTA which would be a potential fix as such for client side issue.


a) Under the ARM profile for 802.11a & 80211 g, please disable the option ARM Over the Air Updates & let me know if it resolves the issues being seen. 


Disabling ARM OTA updates will not have much of a negative impact as “PASSIVE SCANNING” would still work and will help AP's discover each other.


The ota-updates option allows an AP to get information about its RF environment from its neighbors, even the AP cannot scan. If this feature is enabled, when an AP on the network scans a foreign (non-home) channel, it sends other APs an Over-the-Air (OTA) update in an 802.11 management frame that contains information about the scanning AP's home channel, the current transmission EIRP value of its home channel, and one-hop neighbors seen by that AP. 

With that being said, When ARM OTA is enabled, the Aruba AP will send OTA updates that are Aruba proprietary packets which can only be interpreted by Aruba AP's and will be bogus frames for other clients or devices. 

802.11 Broadcast management frames will be processed by NICs but anything with subtype 15 should be dropped by most NICs. In order to understand why the older models of PS3 hang when they receive this subtype of management frame, it may be helpful to follow-up with Sony. We have not seen any other client devices behave this way. Also, it seems like something got fixed in the newer model of PS3's since the issue is not seen there. Do you have a case open with Sony by any chance? 

Some older PS3 models shut down their NIC when receiving OTA management frames form the AP. This seems to be client-specific issue."