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How do you handle Game Consoles?

I have inhertied an Aruba environment  (7210 Controller, Mobility Switches, Airwave, and ClearPass) Currently we have our students join their consoles to our "Guest" network. However, I am working on creating a captive portal for the Guest network with a EULA. We do not currently leverage the abilities of our ClearPass to put devices into roles. Currently we only put people in VLANs based on their AD (we have two Domains, a student and a staff).  We have about 600 daily users average of about 1100 clients connected (phones included)


Really I am just curious what others in the industry have done and want to make sure what I think will work is not the complete wrong direction.



My Thoughts are having students join their consoles to the same network that they connect to on their laptops. Using Clearpass to put their different devices into roles. We would like for students to have to register (MACtrack?) their devices. 


We would also like this to extend to the ports on the AP-93Hs we have in their apartments.