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Clients randomly disconnect and not be able to get an dhcp address on instant 105s.

This customer has an instant deployment of 20 IAPs


The customer is experiencing an issue where wireless clients will randomly disconnect and not be able to get an dhcp address. The client has to reconnect and may or may not get right back on. This only happens when there are a handful of clients on the AP, sometimes as few as 6.


The alert in the Virtual controller is that the dhcp has time out on the client.


I originally was leaning toward this issue being with the clients network and DHCP Servers.


So I configured a demo Aruba switch and put DHCP on it. I used different SSIDs, brand new VLANs for the wireless networks. Pretty much a completely new network, all Aruba equipment.


I put 6 Aps from one of the customers closets on the controller with a new and simple config on the instants. The client is still experiencing the same issue.


Aruba Support really has not been much help they keep on pulling up wireshark hoping that we will see a DHCP request without an acknowledgement from the server. Every DHCP request had an acknowledgement in the packet captures. Aruba Support is going to do more research...


The customer has been experience this issues since day 1 of the installation, which the client did on his own. The customer notes that the demo he had done with controller based Aps did not this issue and ran for quite some time.


To put salt in an open wound, the customer has begun putting his old cisco aps back up because he does not experience the issue on his old cisco aps either.


I just downgraded the instant firmware from 3.4 to 3.3 to see if it would help just as a shot in the dark.


Configuration wise everything looks good to me. I have attached the configs for the switch and aps that I put together.

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