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COTD: Automating Aruba Controller Tasks with Kiwi CatTools

Have you ever wanted to automate tasks on the Aruba Controller, but couldn't configure your SSH client correctly to login to the controller and type all the commands? If so, the very Free Kiwi CatTools is for you (http://www.solarwinds.com/products/kiwi_cattools/)

Kiwi Cattools allows you to write sets of commands for devices and run them either one time or periodically. The free version allows you to manage up to 20 Aruba Controllers in this manner.

A very popular use is to backup the contents of an Aruba Controller periodically. A script to copy the running config, backup the flash, export the user database and copy the logs.tar would look like this:

copy running-config tftp: %DateISO%-%DeviceName%-running-config.cfg
backup flash
copy flash: flashbackup.tar.gz tftp: %DateISO%-%DeviceName%-flashbackup.tar.gz
local-userdb export local-userdb-export
copy flash: local-userdb-export tftp: %DateISO%-%DeviceName%-local-userdb.bin
tar logs tech-support
copy flash: logs.tar tftp: %DateISO%-%DeviceName%-logs.tar

In this scripting language %DateISO% is the current date. %DeviceName% is the name of the Device in Kiwi. This simple script, can be run against all your Aruba Controllers nightly and it will copy all your important information AND name it with the date, as well as the name of the device. it is also a time saver in that it can do things like upgrade multiple controllers at the same time by running the copy tftp command and then rebooting, or even generating that daily guest access user and emailing the command output so that everyone can see the username and password of the day.

It would be interesting in this thread to hear about what other people are using it for.

*Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.*
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