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Sticky: Can I convert a Campus AP to an InstantAP (IAP)?

An AP that was originally purchased as a controller-based Campus AP cannot be converted to an InstantAP(IAP).


An AP, however, that was purchased as an IAP can run as an IAP or can be converted, through the WebUI ->Maintenance tab, to a controller-based Campus AP managed by an Aruba Controller.  The controller must be reachable on the network from the IAP.  After the IAP has been converted to controller-based it can always be reset back to IAP mode.  This is done using the Reset button on the back of the unit as described in the Installation Guide.


Current IAP models:

IAP-92 / 93

IAP- 104 / 105

IAP-114 / 115

IAP-134 / 135

IAP-224 / 225




RAP-108 /109


IAPs, unlike controller-based APs are regionalized.  Be sure you order the IAP with the correct region as seen in the part number.



Prior to Jan '14




- <no country code>  = Rest of World


After Jan '14 (on new IAP models):


-RW (rest of world)


Note: All new IAP models use the new, simplified, country code designation.

Note: A -US IAP cannot be converted to a -RW IAP.

Note: A -RW IAP cannot be converted to a -US IAP.


How do I tell if my AP is a controller-based AP or IAP?  Look at the back of the AP.  If it is an IAP there is a small white sticker that will show "IAP-105-US" for example, or just "AP-105" for a controller-based AP.


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