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RADIUS Client did not complete EAP transaction Clearpass 6.3.1

We have Clearpass 6.3.1 and Aruba 7210 with 6.4 on it. We are starting to see these Timeouts more frequently in Clearpass. It is not completely stopping users from connecting, it just interupts their connection for what seems like a random amount of time. 


I saw a previous thread about this where the users were constantly receiving this Alert, but since mine doesn't seem to be happening all the time I am wondering if I have a setting somewhere that I'm missing. It would be helpful if someone could point me in the right direction to at least troubleshooting the issue. 


My first guess is this has to do with our Clearpass server still using the default Aruba cert. I have not had the chance to dig in and find pointers on switching to our GoDaddy cert. 



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