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Help with new High Density Instant IAP-225 setup

Hi everyone,

We are a technology company who have about 120 people but 200 wireless devices in our head office (as some people have three wirless devices - a laptop, phone and tablet). We originally had a Meraki wireless setup but had very poor performance when more than about 15-20 devices were connected to an access point which included things like frequent drops, inability to reconnect and general poor thorouput. I have since ripped that out and have purchased four IAP-225 access points hoping that it would better handle our density. I can expand that to maybe 6 if necessary but that will involve some work in getting an electrician out to run more ceiling runs of Ethernet etc.


The access points are set up so that at any spot in the long/narrow building you can see 2-3 of them even with the power set as 12 min 18 max - maybe ~30-40 feet apart on average and I have attached the config. We are about 1/4 Mac laptops, 1/4 Windows laptops and 1/2 phones/tables which are 75/25 iOS to Android. We do run MS Lync but have wired Lync phones which handle most of the voip role of that.


Since we put in this setup about a week ago we have seen many issues where the clients drop into a status with an exclamation point and say Limited Connectivity until they manually disconnect and reconnect or they need to turn their wifi off and back on on an iPad to get connectivity back. We have tried various things including disabling OKC, disabling 80 and then even 40 Mhz on the 5Ghz band, turning on/off ClientMatch etc. I just noticed that there was a firmware update though - I had been clicking the button under Maintenance and it said there wasn't but I signed in and got yesterday which I've just deployed. I am hoping that helps.


After the firmware update I turned ClientMatch back on because given the long/narrow building I've been seeing that when people leave their desks to go to meeting rooms  they hang on to the access points and suffer poor performance etc.


I guess I am just trying to get a sense of how best to configure these points to get the best results for our ~200 wireless clients. Any advice would be appreciated as I went out on a limb ripping out the Meraki setup (which I had gone out on a limb choosing over controller-less Cisco a year and a half ago) by insisting that an Aruba setup would fix our issues with dropping and poor performance given our high density. For what it's worth most of our offices are only 20-30 people and the Meraki has been fine there - it is just in our device-heavy dense head office it was really crashing and burning.

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