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IAP 135 - Radius authentication problem / server down message

HI there.


I have two IAP 135, running version

The IAPs have been configured with the following static ip address:

  - IAP 1:

  - IAP 2:

  - Virtual Controller IP:


Every thing works great, except for the radius authentication.

Our radius servers are two windows 2008r2 running NPS. It also works very fine and it has been used for lot a authentications on other devices.


The problem is: The IAPs GUI keeps alerting that the radius servers are down ( messages attached ): "Authentication Server Radius1-ServerSync is down", but they are not, they are up and responding very well.

Because of that, a lot of authentications fail without even hit the radius servers.

To make it work, I have to wait ( for the radius dead time ), and try again a lot of times.

When the authentication request hits the radius servers, it works. But the a lot of those auth requests doesnt even reach the NPS server. And again, the radius servers are up and working great.


The IAPs logs shows the message: ( attached )


Hope you guys can help me again.


Thanks a lot




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