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iap 105 keeps disconnecting from virtual controller


I have 3 IAP 105 in my firm for some time now. Two of them (#2 & #3) started to act weird. They disconnect from the controller, but respond to pings. Both have last two network led's at steady red (no idea what that means). I cannot access them by ssh (connection refused). Also connecting to their ip addresses presents me the aruba controller portal, but proper credentials are invalid (also admin/admin).


-If I unplug #3 and restart #2 - #2 connects and works without a problem, but after 1 to 5 minutes it disconnects and same thing happens,

-If I unplug #2 and restart #3 - #3 sometimes does the above, but right now seems to be working fine (after few reboots).


All of them works on the same subnet.


I tried to upgrade firmware, but i cannot find it online, and after allowing full internet access for IAP - "received not response from server"...


Any ideas?


Update: after powering up the #2 IAP after beeing down for about 30 minutes - it remains up and running for and hour now... Maybe they get overheated?


Update: they both went down after 3 hours running...

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