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Troubleshoot client disconnections

I hope this is in the right forum...


I am running two local M3 controllers with a single M3 as the master.  The master also acts as a secondary LMS for all APs that are spread across the two local controllers.  All controllers are running ArubaOS  We won't be upgrading to 6.1 until January.


Previously, we had a great deal of disconnections and reports of slow connections.  We attributed this to allowing broadcast traffic on our main VAP.  Turning off broadcast traffic alleviated almost all of the reports of disconnections and slow speeds.  This surfaced, however, again today.  The speeds were reported as slow and the users would state that the application they were in (Citrix) was getting disconnected.


The users were located in a room that has approximately 10 APs in the vicinity.  It is a high density area (user wise) and therefore has a higher density of APs.  However, ARM is set to mode-aware so that most of the APs have actually been converted to air monitors on the g radio and only the a radios are actually in use as APs.  We do have band-stearing turned on, so this isn't a problem.


One user in question reported that the wireless icon in her system tray in Windows 7 would get the yellow triangle when she would get disconnected.  I could see significant packet loss by pinging her from my wired workstation.  In order to determine if it was just this user or other users on the AP, I started pings on 3 other users on the same AP and one by one they would all start losing a significant amount of packets - although not all at the same time.


I tried to reboot the AP which would also force the users to a different AP.  The primary complainer did switch to a different AP, but the packet loss continued.  Elsewhere on the wireless network, I started a ping to the Citrix server from my wireless laptop and got relatively no packet loss.  So, it was something in this area.  Unfortunately, this was right before the end of the day, so I didn't get to do two things that I would normally do.  I didn't get to look for interfering APs in the area and I didn't get a chance to perform an rf test.  We have airwave and I could see a good signal quality in airwave.


My question is what other troubleshooting steps and/or CLI commands would you perform to troubleshoot packet loss and frequent to periodic disconnects?



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