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Becoming Mobility Certified - ACDX - October 2014

Aruba’s own ACDX will be the focused certification for the month of October. Fellow Airheads will be joining together to aid others in the challenge of attaining the certification. We welcome all who want to participate in the event. Any suggestions, please let us know.


ACDX is a professional level certification that tests your design a solution in a scenario based exam. It is required to possess the ACMP as a prerequisite for the exam. The exam is 8hrs long and is based on AOS 6.1, Instant 3.3, Clearpass Guest 6.2, VisualRF Plan 7.3, and Airwave7.7. It is recommended to follow the ACDX design track when preparing for the exam.


The following reading material is highly recommended:
• Indoor 802.11n Site Survey and Planning

• Aruba Mobility Controller Validated Reference Design (version 9)

• Aruba 802.11n Networks Validated Reference Design (version 8)

• Aruba Campus Wireless Networks Validated Reference Design (version 8)

• High-Density Wireless Networks for Auditoriums Validated Reference Design

• Guest Access with ArubaOS

Aruba Remote Access Point (RAP) Networks Validated Reference Design


ACDX Study Guide


List of Topics:


Network Design

RF Design


Authentication & Security Design

QoS Design

Management Design

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