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Captive Network Assistant

Has anyone noticed that after connecting to a captive portal with an iPhone running IOS 8, there sometimes is a delay with Apples captive network assistant displaying the "Done " option. This delay seems somewhat random but when it happens "Cancel" is the only option then after about 30 seconds "Done" is finally displayed. I know that you can disable CNA on the controllers captive portal configuration but this also preventst the splash page from automatically poping up when connecting. The user must then open a browser to recieve the splash page after it times out several hours later, but if they are trying to use an App, it isn't obvious that they need re-accpet via the splash page. 


Is there a way to setup the splash page so that once accepted it is never displayed again? It seems that the max timeout is about 4 hours or so.


I would greatly appreciate any help with this issue and I have attached an example of the CNA in it's delayed condition.

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