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New Arubian -- How to reset 3600 controller?

I have just inherited a pair of 3600 controllers that were stashed in a closet.  No one has any idea what the login credentials are.  I've searched and found a CLI command (write erase all) to reset to defaults, but AFAIK, I have to get past the login prompt to run that.  At least one of them appears to have been configured at some point, as the serial console shows a hostname, so I'm guessing default credentials are a no-go.  Is there a bigger hammer?


Also, I don't know what licenses these may or may not have.  Pardon the cluelessness, but is there a retrieval mechanism by serial number, or are they gone for good?  Not a big deal, they may have only been demo units, or expired (if that's how it works), so I'm not expecting much.  Just hoping to have something to poke at while I wait for my schedled training day.


Thanks everyone.

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