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iAP-104s and Firmware causes complete WiFi network failure

Small installation with 5 iAP-104's.  Working just fine for the last several months. Firmware upgraded to via Instant GUI.  After upgrade, WiFi network becomes unstable and unusable after 12-36 hours.  Unable to access Instant GUI when network fails.  Only way to bring WiFi network back is to manually power cycle Master AP.  Same problem occurs again in 12-36 hours. Nothing else changed on network.


Other threads here on Airheads forums that appear to document this issue:


I had to revert firmware to a previous version to bring network back to reliable operation.  Not easy to do since you can't manually download any version of firmware unless you have a support contract. Maybe the Instant GUI should save a copy of the existing firmware before upgrade. 


It looks like this is a known issue and has been so for a couple of weeks.  Why is a firmware release still available with such a major bug?  Pull it from release, fix it, and test the fixed version thoroughly before release.  Is this too much to ask?


Does anyone know when a fixed version may be available?





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