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New TechNote on ClearPass and HP ProVision (ProCurve) Integration

 I’ve written a NEW TechNote covering some of the integration possible between CPPM and the HP Provision switches (commonly refereed to as ProCurve). The TechNote at this juncture is not as complete as we’d like but due to some other commitments we wanted to share with you what we have, its not as polished as normal but like I said we wanted to share what we had sooner rather than later. I expect this doc will go through multiple revisions over then next couple of months as we add new content, update what we know, correct what we have.  

You can find the document on the support site ClearPass and ProCurve Integration TechNote V1
Happy reading – go fill your boots..!!….. comments and feedback/suggestions graciously accepted.

Best Regards

ClearPass Product Manager

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Who Me Too'd this topic