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IAP215 cluster - clients stop getting an ip address

I have some issues reported by a customer that when they move locations they are unable to reconnect and/or get an ip address.


29 x IAP215 -


I have checked a couple of times when it was reported and there were 2-3 APs where none of the clients had a valid ip address and only 169.254.  Each occassion was different APs.  Rebooting the AP seem to resolve it and any client connecting to it gets a proper ip address.


At one point during the issue I was able to do a pkt-dump on dhcp and what I could see was the client requesting an ip address and the server responding.  Unfortunately I could not verify the response was going back to the device over the wifi.


  • port config on all aps checked and fine.
  • helper address setup on switch
  • address pool is nowhere near exhaustion.
  • dhcp server is receiving the requests and responding

I will raise a TAC case for this as it is pointing to something up with the APs, but wondering if anyone has had similar issues.

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ACCP, ACCX #817, ACMP, ACMX #294
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