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Setup Aruba Switches (MAS) with AirWave groups

Trying to setup Aruba Switches (S1500 and S3500) with Airwave (8.0.9). Ideally I'd like to hook them up, run through the wizard, which dumps them in a Group, and push a template to it. The template is built and includes all the VLANs, Wired Roles, authentication servers, etc… but not interface port specific settings (I can manually set those later). I also have a switch config which I imported from another switch I want in the same group.


What happens right now is the switch gets in the group and when I push the config the switch config overrides everything and tries to setup each port identical from where I imported the information (even a 48 port onto a 24 port). If I then blank out the GigabitEthernet Interfaces - it erases all the ports and breaks my other initial switch completely.


Am I supposed to create overrides (AP overrides?) for all interfaces for each switch in that group?


Should I have a group for only identical switches? (We have 285 switches, all unique, is it just us?)


Should I just not use AirWave for this and stick to copy/paste to deploy?


My hope was going forward if we change a port for an event and forget to change it back I'll have a glaring 'Mismatched' switch to remind me.

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