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Upstream Device/Port not being detected on Switches


Airwave: 8.2.0 (was operating the same way on 8.0.11 and

MAS S2500/S3500:

Alacatel Omniswitch 6900 at every site as main router



Airwave is not reporting my upstream devices (which are mostly the Alcatel Omniswitch 6900s, however some are uplinked Aruba MAS to Aruba MAS). I could understand the Alcatels not reporting, but it's come to my attention that an old switch that is uplinked Aruba MAS to Aruba MAS is showing an OLD, no longer online, Aruba switch instead of the new one and all of the other Aruba MAS to Aruba MAS uplink devices are not listed at all.


I ensured that the LLDP profile is "lldp-factory-initial" and the MED/Transmit/Recieve are all enabled. Doing a 'show lldp neighbors' on some of the switches in question seems to properly see and list all directly connected Aruba devices and even the Alcatels, but Airwave is not reporting these devices as the upstream devices.


Any suggestions on what I need to check next to get these upstream devices populated in Airwave?


Who Me Too'd this topic