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AirWave Licensing

Hi all!

Maybe it will sound primitive, but still i just can't figure out AW linsening...

For example:

My client wants AirWave for 25 device's but with secondary AW server (in case of primery server to fail)

How must i calculate his license?

Should it look like that:

Base system: AW-25 + AW-25

Support: SA3-AW-25 + SA3-AW-25    ?

Or instead of using AW-25 lincense for secondary server i can choose AW-25-FR ? Will it work like a reserved server?

And how to add lincense for a 1 or 2 devices, in case if that client will "expand" to 27 devices? Just add two AW-EXP1-50 ?


Sorry for my bad english.



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