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802.1x Machine Authentication Using Aruba 3600 Controllers and Microsoft NPS



I need to get Machine Authentication working properly over wireless for a small subset of my clients to work properly.  We use WPA2 Enterprise authentication, and these clients are usually failing on boot with an error that they can't reach an AD server.




Aruba 3600 Controller (ArubaOS - I do NOT have the PEF module

Aruba AP105 Access Points

Microsoft Windows 2008R2 NPS Server

Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise Client




These things seem to randomly decide when they want to work.  Sometimes you'll boot and it will authenticate a non-cached user with no issue.  Others will fail miserably.  In the few things I've seen on the forums that have matched my situation, it looks like most everyone has the PEF-NG module, so I'm hoping this is not a requirement to allow machine auth.


Has anyone got this working?  It seems like voodoo magic to me at the moment... but I'm not an AD guy at all :-)

Who Me Too'd this topic