ArubaOS and Controllers

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Using GRE Tunnels to centralize L3 access

I am trying to workout a design for some Nortel wireless handsets. I want to setup an SSID for the wireless handset in one building who's AP's terminate to an Aruba controller we will call it Aruba Controller B. I would like to then redirect all traffic from these clients through a GRE tunnel that would terminate on another Aruba controller called Aruba controller A. The reason for backhauling these devices is because the infrastructure they need to connect to exists in thebuilding where Aruba controller A exists and extending that infrastructure would require a great deal of time and money which are currently not available. I don't have any problems setting this infrastructure up and making it work but my question arises from the fact that these buildings are infact attached and and some point in time the clients will roam from AP's controlled by Aruba controller A to Aruba Controller B and vica versa. Does anyone have any idea how if the roaming will work between these two buildings without incident? I am not quite sure how the controllers will handle these sessions and have already contacted Aruba for help but thought if someone in the community might have done something similar.

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