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Instant Mesh Bridge IAP315

I configured a IAP-Mesh-Bridge with two IAP315 to bridge some networks from one site to another.

The bridge itselt is up and runnning. However, when I try to ping the switch on the Mesh-Point-Side I face a packetloss around 45%. The notebooks on the Mesh-Point-Side are running fine. No issues with them.

My assumption is that they are communication all the time. The switch is not communicating all the time and I can force to get the switch back to 100% response when I flash ARP tables. Otherwise I have to wait some time until the switch is doing any communication and the ping is back with full response. After some time it drops again.

Main issue is if we connect phone on the Point-Side, I will not be able to call them all the time.

Any suggestions why this is happening?

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