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IAP-205 system update didn't get all AP's and whole thing is broken now.

I have a site with 18 IAP-205's. I went to the virtual controller maintenance and did a firmware upgrade.


After about 30 minutes, everything said it finished ok and asked to reboot.


After the reboot, none of AP's were connected in the VC.


Individually though, they were still working. After hours of working with this, I found that some of the AP's upgraded to the new firmware and some didn't. Then several of them were constantly fighting to be the master VC.


I logged into my HPE account and was not able to download the same firmware version the system tried upgrading to. The auto-update used version ArubaInstant_Taurus_6.5.3.2_60886


At HP, the latest I can download is ArubaInstant_Taurus_6.5.2.0_59123.


I was hoping to only update the one's that didn't get the new version through cli, but I can't get the new software.


Will I be able to upgrade/downgrade all the AP's to the same version from cli and get my VC back? Most of them are 30 feet off the ground.


If I power one up to upgrade, the two AP's constantly fight for being master VC and that IP keeps changing between them.


Any help?



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