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AOS 8.2 Config Rollback and VPNC



i updated my AOS Design to 8.2 and i noticed that i can only user 7-8 Chars for the PSK IPSEC Connection instead of many more before. So i changed the PSK on the MM for both sides. But the worst happens.. the MM changed the PSK and lost connection to the MD. So i connect to the MD and did a change with disaster recovery in fact i canged both in the MM. The MD comes back but has a Config Rollback Flag and a different Config ID. So i troubleshoot everything and nothing helps. I delete the MD in the MM and configured back the MD - same result- Config Rollback state and not updated.


Do you have any suggestions for me ??


Nother question: If i use a Controller for VPNC i connect my MDs to the VPNC under the Config-Controllers state. I have looked for any documentation on this but i can't find something for VPNCs Configs. Thanks in advance!


Who Me Too'd this topic