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Social Media Authentication via ClearPass

Good Morning,


I am looking for some information relating to social media authentication via ClearPass


We have received the Aruba demonstration where they showed ClearPass authenticating via Social Media (Facebook, Googlemail); they also showed it would be possible to authenticate users via our our own site using SAML.


Now that we are in the process of building ClearPass, the links for these sites has not been straightforward. Aruba supplied us with a couple of documents showing how apps are built for some of the Social Media sites to enable authentication and how to configure ClearPass but on testing Facebook this did not work straight off.


Could someone please advise/supply details on how to setup the Social Media accounts to enable the authentication and also information relating to the configuration of this and the SAML authentication.


Any information also relating to resolving locked out social media accounts would be useful


Many Thanks

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