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Mac OS X Lion/MacBook Air issue

I've been struggling with an issue since upgrading our controller to v. from a few weeks ago. We have recently deployed a bunch of 2011 MacBook Airs running the latest version of OS X Lion (10.7.3). They appear to get disconnected from the wireless several times throughout the day, which resets their connections to our email system and Filemaker server which ultimitely causes them to lose work and get very frustrated that they have to log back into these systems.


I've done a ton of research on the Apple forums and on here and while many people reported issues with Lion and wireless, I haven't found anyone with issues while using Aruba specificially. The thing is, these clients all appeared to work fine before we upgraded to the v.6 code. I've been working with Aruba support for the past 2 weeks and they've gone into the controller and tweaked a bunch of settings in accordance to best practices, but nothing has seemed to help.


One thing I've notied is if I ping a client, the response times are all over the place unless they are downloading or doing something on the Internet. That makes it sound like the wireless card is going into power save mode, but there's no way to modify those settings on the Mac like you can on Windows. I've also set up a little Belkin router to test with and when I connect one of the clients to that wirelessly, the ping times are >1 ms, right where they should be. I've tried all of the suggestions on the client site including replacing kernel extensions for wireless with those from an old OS, but the ping times are still all over the place. Older Mac clients, running on 10.6.8, and our many iPads and iPhones are working just fine. I know it sounds like an Apple specific issue, but it's a combination of them and Aruba v.6. 


I've called Apple this morning and of course they are pointing the finger at the wireless. I've actually been on hold with them twice this mornig and gotten disconnected twice, so I'm at my wit's end! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! TIA!

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