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Need help Configuring 303H for VoIP

Net map.jpgWe need help setting up this configuration. At the moment we have a Trunk port that that has four VLANs attached to it that connects with the Aruba 303H. The Management (MGMT) VLAN gives an IP to the AP, the Building VLAN provides IPs to ethernet connections, the WiFi VLAN provides IPs for WiFi connections, and the VoIP VLAN provides IPs and configurations for the VoIP phones.


Our issue is mainly with the VoIP phone. What we want to happen is for the phone to connect to the Building VLAN, and DHCP tell the phone to go to the VoIP VLAN and get its configuration from there. Unforunatly, we are unable to get this configuration. If anyone knows how to do this or has a better implementation, please give us a hand.

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