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Aruba MM and MD with RAP deployment


In my lab environment I tested Aruba products. Currently I tested Remote Access Points (RAP) over IPSec.
When I deploy standalone wireless controller (VMC) and provisioning RAP on remote location everything works ok and I can connect to RAP SSID and have access to my central location where I have controller.

In another scenario I deploy 2 Mobility Masters (virtual) in VRRP and 2 Mobility Controllers (VMC) in cluster and with VRRP for AP. But if I now provisioning RAP on remote location, RAP cannot connect to my controller (via IPSec) in central location. The configuration is the same as in standalone controller.

Is this scenario with MM and MD in cluster and RAP supported in version If it is supported, do I need to configure any additionally settings compare with standalone configuration? Do I need any special licenses for this implementation (currently I have PEF and RF Protect licenses).

I follow User Guide from Aruba support website.

If somebody have similar design scenario please help me with configuration.

Thank you.

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