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Organize subscription keys in Aruba Central

Hi guys,


How can I organize the subscription keys among my customers I have in Aruba Central?


1. I mean, under Global Settings > Key Management I see all the key numbers for all subscriptions my customers have purchased, but I can't distinguish which one belongs which customer to, and if one key is going to expire I don't know which customer I have to warn about the renewal of the subscription. That's one example. Is there a way to organize/tie or to know the keys and the customers?


2. Also, if I want to subscribe a new device Aruba Central doesn't ask me to which subscription key I want to associate this new device, and Central chooses the first subscription key not used it founds and associates this new device to that key, and the devices gets subscribed. But I don't want that, I want to associate a new device to one specific key, that device customer key, if that customer doesn't have a subscription key for his new device, that new device can't get subscribed, although Aruba Central has extra keys are not being used at the moment for other customers. How can I achieve that?




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