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AP-375 won't join Wireless Manager

Good afternoon all,

I'm trapped into an issue which I'm unable to sort it out.

Our environment has a redundant 7205 Wireless Manager running

I have a bunch of AP-304 and AP-305 that works fine. I had to add additional AP to our env, in particular AP-375 outdoor. I would expect that AP would join WM automatically as other AP has done but it wasn't.

Then I connect to the serial console and forced AP conversion via cmdline specifying CAP mode and WM VRRP ip address.

Then AP download the new firmware and reboots. Once it boots then it stops at:


[ 56.917838] br0 address=80:8d:b7:cf:58:7c
[ 56.965760] wifi0: AP type AP-375, radio 0, max_bssids 16
[ 57.030365] aruba_mods_radio_attach() INT setting antenna polarization to 1 radio 0
[ 57.123117] Resetting spectral chainmask to Rx chainmask
[ 57.187191] Init the PCAP for radio0 offload 1.
[ 57.241080] aruba_mods_radio_attach: radio: 0, init txq work cpu: core-0
[ 57.337675] pktlog_init: Initializing Pktlog for AR900B, pktlog_hdr_size = 16
[ 57.412621] pktlog_init: Initializing Pktlog for AR900B, pktlog_hdr_size = 16
AP rebooted Thu Jan 1 08:16:13 UTC 1970; System cmd at uptime 0D 0H 16M 26S: Image Upgrade Successful
shutting down watchdog process (nanny will restart it)...

<<<<< Welcome to the Access Point >>>>>

~ #


On WM no AP appears to be provisioned. After 60-70 secs AP reboots to factory image.


Does anybody has some suggestions?


Thank you


Davide Bortolini

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