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APs Rebooting (SAPD: Unable to contact switch)

Yesterday I turned on triggers in Airwave to alert me when an AP went down/up. Since then I've discovered that a number of my APs keep rebooting. When I look at the debug log for the APs I see the following:

Feb 2 16:39:00 nanny: <303022> |AP CUC-HON-2-ADMIN@ nanny| ^

Any clue what would cause that? I'm seeing it intermittantly on various APs. It feels like it might be load related. (As I look at the APs that have rebooted vs those that haven't it seems like the ones in lighter areas haven't. I also think I've seen fewer reboots overnight when there are fewer users on than during the day/evening hours.) I don't think it's wired network related as I've got APs that haven't rebooted on the same physical switch as those that have. Our controller is running 3.4.2 - any ideas?
Who Me Too'd this topic