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RAP5 shows up as Rc2ID when provisioned

I have a RAP5 at home that I am trying to connect to our Aruba 6000 M3 contoller at work. We are running code. The process I am using is:


* I plug in the RAP5 at home and open IE. I get to the provisioning page: I enter the public IP address of our controller. UDP4500 is natted and allowed through the firewall.


* The AP connects and finds the controller. If I watch the controller I see that the RAP show up with the flags Rc2I and status Upgrading.


* After the upgrade the RAP reboots. My IE screen shows "AP is rebooting to finish the provisiong" and the controller State is also Rebooting


* After the RAP comes back up the controller shows the RAP with a status of Up and flags Rc2ID


* After a few seconds the RAP disappears off of the contoller. The only way to get it to reconnect is to factory-reset the RAP and go through the process again. Just rebooting the RAP does not cause it to show up again on the controller.


Everything appears to be correct. I have a Aruba 620 at home and if I take the RAP to work I can successfully get connected to my home controller. I cannot figure out why the RAP is coming up dirty on the 6000. The VPN Services settings are all correct. I have an address pool and NAT-T is enabled. I've created an AP provisioning profile and configured the VAP as I normally would. I've whitelisted the RAP in the RAP Whitelist page. The fact that it does connect and upgrades the firmware tells me the proble is not a connectivity or security issue. The ony thing I can think of is maybe a certificate issue but since it works on my home controller with the exact same setup I don't think that is the issue. I am not running CPSEC.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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